Mantis Tillers – Meet the World’s Best Selling Mini-Tiller Ever

Virtually every other mini-tiller that has been introduced after the Mantis Tiller has
imitated the Mantis design. No other garden tiller has matched the quality or performance of the
Mantis Tiller. Plus, we continue to improve upon it!

Professional Grade Transmission for maximum tilling, digging and weeding power
Comfortable Grips with fingertip controls make work a pleasure
10 inch tilling depth – deep enough to break up hard soil and clay
Turn the Tines Around for fast, gentle power-weeding
Handles Fold Easily for storage
Lifetime Time Guarantee against breakage
5-Year Warranty

Create the Yard and Garden of Your Dreams!

The Mantis Tiller busts the toughest sod to create the greenhouse quality soil every plant loves! This wonder tiller tackles jobs like deepening ground for laying ponds, digging fencepost holes or preparing hardscape areas.