Grasshopper Zero Turn Mowers are built tough, inside and out!

Harsh elements and punishing conditions can take their toll on any mower. That’s why we build our zero-turn mowers for strength and durability, while minimizing weight for superior agility and a light footprint. We start with a precision, robotically welded, high-grade steel tubular exoSkeletal™ frame with I-beam reinforcement, then add durable, design-matched components that will ensure years of rugged use. Our attention to detail even extends to a fusion-bonded, chip- and rust-resistant powder-coat finish that will keep your Grasshopper mower looking like new for years to come.


Comfort isn’t just about how a mower makes you feel. It’s also about how it affects your performance as an operator. A smoother ride means greater, more precise control at faster mowing speeds, so you can stay refreshed, finish faster and leave a manicured finish.

While some might call our design ergonomic, we call it humanomic.

A giant step beyond ergonomics, our humanomic design makes every aspect of operation easier and less physically demanding, increases operator comfort and boosts productivity in ways you’ve never imagined. So you’ll mow longer without stopping and cut around even the most intricate landscaping at faster speeds with better results. All while delivering the picture-perfect quality of cut you’ve always imagine.

The Perfect Cut Every Time

A manicured cut so smooth it makes your grass look and feel like carpet. Clean, even stripes that look as though they were painted on. A finish like this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a mower with the perfect combination of power, performance, comfort and capabilities.

That’s why Grasshopper zero-turn mowers are designed to deliver the highest quality cut without compromising a fast mowing pace or a sweet ride for the operator.

Grasshopper Year-round Productivity Solutions

Our complete range of year-round implements can handle just about any grounds maintenance job imaginable and extend the productivity – and profitability – of your Grasshopper zero-turn mower well beyond the normal cutting season. While most implements are designed for use with Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers, a limited selection of implements are also compatible with Grasshopper MidMount™ mowers.

Low Maintenance

You’ll never have to make excuses for neglecting maintenance again. The service-friendly Grasshopper design makes it easy to keep your Grasshopper zero-turn mower in peak operating condition. Fewer grease points and easy access to belts and filters translate into less time spent maintaining your mower, and more time using it profitably.

Powerful, design-matched drive systems use quality pumps and wheel motors that work together to run cooler and more reliably for longer service life.

Enjoy the lowest operating costs of any drive system available. With CoolTemp Hydro-Max™ fluid and genuine Grasshopper filters, your Grasshopper mower can run up to five times longer than other mowers between transmission oil changes – that’s up to 1,000 hours!

High-efficiency, fine-particle filtration.

CoolFan™ Cooling System features an auxiliary cooling fan on each transmission pump for a cooler operating environment, extended service intervals and longer transmission life.

A removable debris screen on liquid-cooled models makes cleaning a breeze.

Easily access the engine by simply raising the hood on liquid-cooled models.

Save time with fewer lubrication points. With only five lubrication points on MidMount™ models, and fewer than 10 on FrontMount™ models, you can significantly cut maintenance time – often by up to 80%.

Access-Eze™ design offers quick, easy deck maintenance with topside access to belts and only three grease points. Access-Eze™ also provides easy rear access to the clutch, with deck drive belt, pump drive belt and blade drive belt all field-serviceable.

FoldUp™ and PowerFold® for out-front decks provide easy access to the underside of the deck.