Ariens manufactures both Lawn Mowers and Snow Blowers, Therefore, making them the all season go to products.

1933 was the beginning of something big. Henry Ariens tests the first snow blower prototype outside of his garage in Brillion, Wis.

Ariens has been in America’s backyard since 1933. We make lawn and Snow Removal products. In addition, we are a champion of American-made moments.

Arien’s story is more than just a manufacturing story. We are about the barbeques, the bubbles, and the baseball games. We are apart of the celebration of America’s back yards. Ariens helps make it all come to life!  Our commitment to the U.S. is literally as strong as steel. Our time-tested products are known for their signature all-steel construction. Which means right here in the states, we shape, weld and paint nearly 70 million pounds of raw steel per year!

Ariens covers 750,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. We have 3 U.S. Plants that create 1400 U.S. manufacturing jobs.  American made products for American people!

In 1933, Henry Ariens signed his name in steel. It wasn’t a logo.  It was a promise.  This is a mark of where we’ve been and a sign of things to come. In addition, It’s a promise that passion and pride come standard on anything that bears the Ariens name.

Hondo’s Sales and Services specializes in the sales and service of Ariens Snow Blowers. Although, we do carry some Ariens Mowers as well. Btw, in case you were not aware, Gavely and Ariens are made by the same company. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR SNOW BLOWERS.